Help for Buyers

Top Things To Do When Buying a Home

  • SP_IPC_011Location: Determine the importance of your home's distance to your job or school. Neighborhood: Neighborhood affects your home's value and resale; consider the surrounding area (city, county) when you're buying.
  • Work With A REALTOR(R) : Most successful buyers use a professional Real Estate agent; find someone you trust and who understands your needs.
  • Pre-Qualify or Pre-Approve: Meet with a lending institution to determine your financial qualifications. Mortgage pre-approval makes for an ideal negotiating position, moreover, you could possibly save yourself thousands of dollars.
  • Invest Your Best: Check into the maximum loan for which you qualify and feel comfortable. Homes appreciate based on the sale price; investing money in your home is good for you and your community.

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  • SP_EWP_029Wants & Needs: Determine your preference of housing style (ranch, cape cod or colonial) and important features (deck, garage, pool). Be clear with the Real Estate agent and narrow your choices down to help search more effectively.
  • Future Family Needs: Think about where your family will be five and ten years from now.
  • Find It, Buy It: Make an offer on the house you like, even if it's early in your search. Go with your instinct if you like a house. Good homes don't stay on the market long.
  • Home Warranty: Ask the seller to purchase a home warranty. This will help alleviate unexpected expenses from major appliances breaking such as the furnace, water heater or air conditioner.
  • The Move: Hook up with a reputable moving company and check the carrier's liability.