Help for Sellers

Top Things To Do When Selling a Home

  • BI_NSH_NPAYC_021Dress For Success: Make sure you clean and polish your home on the interior and exterior. Make major repairs and paint as needed.
  • Curb Appeal is Critical: No one will see how beautiful your home is on the interior if the exterior is not attractive and neatly kept.
  • Work With a REALTOR(R): Most Successful sellers use a professional real estate agent; find someone you trust and who understands your needs. Effective Pricing: Price the house to sell in your desired time frame. Don't over-estimate the market.
  • Listing Agreement: Ask questions and understand every part of the listing agreement before signing the contract. For example, who has the right to produce potential buyers and how long is the agreement valid?
  • Buyer's Perspective: Look at your home from buyer's perspective. Ask yourself the question, "Would I be interested?"
  • Reorganize Your Home: Remove unnecessary objects, furniture and family photos to make rooms appear larger. Allow the buyer to view the house, not your home.
  • Consider First Offer: Often times, the first offer is the best offer, consider it carefully. Ask yourself, "Would I buy the house for this amount?" Be willing to negotiate with the buyer if they're pre-qualified.
  • Home Warranty: Purchasing a home warranty may protect you from potential lawsuits should covered items such as the water heater, furnace or air conditioner break.
  • Professional Real Estate Office: Choose an office that is staffed with highly educated full time professionals utilizing the latest in today's technology.